The Pianist

January 15th 2007
Genre: Drama, Holocaust


Szpilman is a pianist recording a recital for a local radio station when bombs drop on Warsaw in 1939, just before the Nazi occupation of the city really begins to take hold. As he and his family are slowly stripped of their rights, they endure the humiliation of being forced to live in a walled ghetto, already overcrowded with the entire Jewish population of Warsaw. In a lucky twist, Szpilman is handed the chance to escape, given that he leaves his family in the ghetto to be inevitably shipped off to concentration camps, becoming a fugitive living in terror and isolation.

Main Actors

  • Adrien Brody
  • Thomas Kretschmann
  • Frank Finlay
  • Maureen Lipman
  • Emilia Fox
  • Michal Zebrowski
  • Ed Stoppard

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