Which Way Is the Front Line from Here?

October 21st 2013
Genre: Documentary, Photography


A moving portrait of acclaimed wartime photojournalist and filmmaker Tim Hetherington who was killed covering the Libyan conflict. On April 20, 2011, shortly after the release of his documentary Restrepo and only six weeks after attending the Oscar® ceremony as a nominee photographer and filmmaker Tim Hetherington was killed by mortar fire in the city of Misrata, Libya, where he d been covering the civil war. He bled out in the back of a pick-up truck while being raced to the hospital, comforted by a Spanish photojournalist who was holding his hand and trying to keep him awake. Those moments ended a brilliant ten-year career in which Hetherington not only covered such dramatic frontline stories such as Liberia and Afghanistan, but also transcended the conventional boundaries of image-making to become one of the most important journalists of his generation. Sebastian Junger, Hetherington's Restrepo co-director, traces his close friend's work across the world's battlefields to reveal what made him such a singular talent and remarkable human being. The film also illuminates the incredible risks of the combat journalists' profession, at a time when they are dying with greater and greater frequency in war zones.

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